The Air She Breaths
A soft—spoken yet convincing vision of avant—garde femininity, the LOULOU bride for 2019 tiptoes on the thin line between what is classical and traditional and what is modern and unconventional.
The result is an emotional and all the more powerful ballet between these two worlds, a 2019 bridal collection encapsulating all the couture accents and high—end artistic elements that define LOULOU, as well as an unmistakable desire to push bridal fashion to new, controversial limits.
Thin layers of sheer fabrics seem to barely touch the body, revealing unprecedented amounts of skin. Transparent veils float around, touching the silhouettes like romantic summer breezes, or wrap into unusual, oversized head bows.
Silky feathers and delicate ruffles add sweetness to the demurer looks, while the opulent earrings and the large crowns infuse a Nobel, patrician vibe into the more daring ensembles. And even the most traditional gowns stay keen and close to the body line, suggesting that the era of the dull, complying “princess dress” is safely behind us.
The LOULOU bride for 2019 expresses her fragility on her on terms. She may look delicate and ethereal, but she’s not obedient, nor modest. She is the whispering breeze before the pouring rain; the calm before the storm; the quite spot inside a tornado of emotions.
Watch her gentle moves, succumb to her enigmatic dance, let her ignite your deepest feelings and decide to bring your 2019 wedding look to a whole new level of femininity.