Spring Glam Collection

Discover Loulou's new spring glam collection, combining different themes, some retro glam, a little futuristic glam, and a sprinkle of flamboyance. The clothes are imbued with personality and diversity: embellished dresses with crystal embroidered flowers, pink denim pants embellished with pink crystals, dresses adorned with crystal and feather trims, sexy cutouts, tops with meticulous beading in every color of the rainbow, and tailored blazers with a twist. Made from the finest materials with intricate details, this collection is an amalgamation of over-the-top and classic pieces oozing elegance and confidence for a woman who knows what she wants and who is always the star of the show. 
Rhosyn Floral-appliqued Blazer
2596 $
Cailin Crystal Flower Halter Top
1079 $
Casey Midi Flower Embellished Dress
1558 $
Dakota Flower Embellished Midi Dress with Puff Sleeves
1678 $
Bow and Feather Trimmed Minidress
1156 $
Crystal Bow Open-Back Blazer
822 $
Malia Crystal Embellished Cut-Out Mini Skirt
539 $
Luna Crystal Minidress With Flower Embellishment
1438 $
The Evening Crystal Mini Skirt
700 $
Selah Crystal Flower Top
1079 $
Elisha Crystal Mini Skirt
468 $
Feather-Trimmed Long-Sleeved Sheer Top
1284 $
Monroe Ostrich Feather Mini Dress with Crystal Belt
1618 $
The Velvet Rhinestone Cropped Top
824 $
The Velvet Rhinestone Mini Skirt
638 $
Brielle Oversized Flower Mini Dress
1412 $
Belinda Oversized Flower Midi Dress with Long Sleeves
1738 $
Lainey Crystal Bermudas
959 $
Eloise Crystal Minidress With Flower Embellishment
1468 $
White Fantasia Ostrich Feather Dress
1506 $
Sari Black Fantasia Maxi Dress
840 $
Sloan Crystal Crop Top
479 $
Winifred Crystal Trousers
1044 $
Fuchsia Satin-Finished Maxi Dress
840 $
Vampy Silk Top
644 $
Blanca Silk Ruffled Straight Trousers
822 $
Blanca Crystal And Ruffle Blazer
1601 $
Belezza Crystal Cropped Blazer
1390 $
Camden Crystal Pants
1139 $